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Family and Christian Musings, etc.


This is the page where Family Life and Christian Life is the focus.

Focus On the Family - the website for the Focus on the Family organization.

Moody Broadcasting - the website for the Moody Broadcasting Network.

Boundless - This webzine is aimed at the Christian college student .  It offers food for thought as well as encouragement for the Christian who has to survive in an environment that is hostile to them for their beliefs.

Gospel Music (Select KDYA) - This radio station is from the Los Angeles area and is primarily urban gospel music.

Through The Bible - The website for the Through the Bible radio program. Program notes and outlines are available here. Christian Book Distributors - A supplier that has many choices available.  They also sell music.  If you want to support Christian businesses this is  a good site.
Moody Bible Institute and Radio - A website that is very informational for the Christian.  You may even listen to WMBI.  
To find out about the latest efforts by many motion picture executives to regain revenues lost by their R-rated films look here.  Theatres are more frequently  enforcing the age limits on R-rated films.  Consequently film companies now make an R-rated film and ask the rating board what they need to do to make it a PG-13 movie.  This results in movies that push the envelope of the PG-13 rating.


Journal Entries

May 17, 2001 - Who understands women? May 20, 2004 - What happened to marriage?
My Family Reunion