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May 20, 2004


A lot has happened in three years.  Marriage still isn't easy and that's okay.  The Bible doesn't say if you have trouble, but instead when you have trouble.  I am amazed and disappointed (but not shocked) with what has happened to marriage in the past few decades and the last few years.  The government has cheapened marriage for decades, and now continues to do so.  I think Las Vegas marriages are greatly a joke on the poor souls who follow that route, but that is another story.  It is amazing what has been settled on for marriage.  The marriage rate was apparently on a decline and a few extremely liberal judges have decided to redefine marriage.  It reminds me of Jocelyn (sp?) Elders proposal to reduce the crime rate by legalizing drugs.  I remember that her son had been arrested on cocaine usage or something to that effect.  It's obvious why she would be interested in legalizing drugs.  I suppose that people who have lost respect for marriage and see no great value in it would have no objections to redefining it.  They don't see it as a covenant but rather a contract.

When I first heard of marriage vows being changed a few years ago by some to "as long as we agree", rather than "until death do us part", I knew it was a sign of times to come.  I mean how non-committal can you get?!  I have to agree that America is no longer a moral leader, and I can't think of any other country that's not heading down the toilet.  It looks like the United States is in a rush to get there too.  It is a shame that marriage needs protection.

There are plenty of outside influences, not to mention the internal influences, that tear marriages apart.  When you factor in that under the current morality, a person getting married has already been in several serious relationships.  Many will have trust issues, emotional baggage if you will.  Modern society has put so much on the back of marriage, that it is collapsing under the weight of it all.  I really don't want the United States to follow all of the other great civilizations that fell under the weight of growing immorality.  If you don't learn from history, you will surely repeat the mistake.