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PAC Recruitment Plan

Inmate participation in the program is obtained by direct correspondence with inmates (both written and by telephone) and by in-person visits with inmates at prison and, on occasion, with family members and friends of inmates who live in the free world. PAC encourages inmates, who have the ability, to obtain copies of current preparation programs, to introduce PAC to IDOC staff who deal in these programs, and for the inmate population to give their own ideas of what is wrong with the current programs and what is needed for appropriate programs. Through outreach programs in prison, PAC is able to address large numbers of inmates at any given time and obtain support from interested individuals. In addition, PAC's newsletter ("Inside Out"), sent to all prisons, describes current problems to inmates, in articles written by inmates, and urges inmates to respond with their own criticisms and ideas. Other sources of referral are inmate to inmate contact, other organizations interested in corrections, John Howard Association, Safer Foundation, P.A.C.T., Operation PUSH, Jessie "MA" Houston Community Correctional Center, Grace House, St. Leonard's House, Westside Community Correctional Center and C.L.A.I.M.